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At Neogranadina, we believe that between everyone, we can do more. We are always looking for new contacts, alliances, and opportunities.

If you are a student or researcher…

We would be delighted if you could help us in our Collaborative Cataloging project. You can help us catalog documents from the early modern period. If you are already an expert in paleography, you can help us by reading and describing the materials. If not, you can learn these skills through participating in this project.

You can find more information about this project and get involved here.

If you are a university professor or instructor…

As well as inviting you to participate in Collaborative Cataloging, we would love to hear from you about how we could help put our digital tools at the disposal of your courses and pedagogical projects. Get in touch here

If you are an archive or library that contains documentary patrimony…

We can help you protect your collections through digitization, systematize and publish your catalogs in a consultation platform, and share digital copues of your books and documents with researchers and a broader audience across the world.

We know that these proceses are expensive and not within the means of all which is why we our a non-profit organization that helps institutions who need help to run these projects.

We would love to hear from you . Get in touch here.

If you are an institution that needs to digitize your collections…

We have a lot of experience digitizing all kinds of manuscripts and printed materials — from historical manuscripts from the 16th century to contemporary magazines and newspapers. We are leaders in the large-scale digitization of printed collections in Colombia, and we can also share our technologies with other countries in the region. We also have much experience in processing and publishing digital images, and in managing and systematizing metadata.

We offer digitization, processing, and consultatopm services at very competitive rates, and we reinvest everything in projects to conserve historical patrimony.

Get in touch here

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