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We build platforms to make historical materials accessible

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At Neogranadina we have developed teams and processes of digitization that enable us to create digital copies of historical materials at extremely rapid rates. However, as we proceeded with digitization, we came across the problem of sharing this patrimony and making it accessible. It is not enough to simply publish the images of the documents if there is no way of finding and accessing them easily.

Our search for digital solutions to the problems of cataloging and processing images has resulted in various projects. The first, Colaborative Cataloging , is a platform for vlunteers and mentors to work towards a common goal: making the thousands of documents digitized by Neorgranadina accessible in a simple way that complies with the international standards of archivists and digital repositories. The second, the Collective Catalog of Colombian Archives (CCAC) is a sophisticated management and consultation platform of archival descriptions and entries. We created this thinking about the materials that we have digitized, but we soon realised that it could be very useful for other institutions and collections around Colombia and so we made it freely available. Finally, the Digital Archive of Latin America is our consultation platform for the hundreds of thousands of images that we have digitized in the Centro de Investigaciones Históricas “José María Arboleda Llorente” at the Universidad del Cauca (Archivo Central del Cauca) in Popayán and the Archivo Histórico Regional de Boyacá in Tunja.

We are always looking for new volunteers for our Collaborative Cataloging project, and new institutions and collections who would like to get involved in and use the CCAC. If you would like to work with us, subscribe here.

Here are some of our consultation and cataloging tools: