Neogranadina took part in the Fourth Week of the Book and Digital Reading

October 9th, 2016

On 29 September 2016, Neogranadina took part in the Fourth Week of the Book and Digital Reading, Digital Humanities: experiment to know. The event was organized by the National Library of Colombia and brought together students and experts in the humanities, programming, design, and library studies among others.

The presentation given by María Alejandra Quintero Neisa provided an overview of the chain of added value that Neogranadina works with to conserve and disseminate the historical documents of all Colombians.

The audience got to know about our low cost scanners, which have been specifically designed for historical documents, and the progress of the digitization of the colonial collections held in the archives in the cities of Tunja and Popyán. The presentation also explained our vision to create a user based platform that allows for interaction between users.

The presentation then moved on to discuss the Catalogación Colaborativa project. This project seeks to create a network of volunteers with experience in paleography so that they can contribute to the difficult task of cataloging the thousands of images from the notarial collections of the Archivo Histórico Regional de Boyacá.

The audience responded enthusiastically to the work of Neogranadina, and we thank the National Library of Colombia for the invitation to participate in this forum about the digital humanities. We hope that we can continue attracting many collaborators from the fields of programming, archival studies, library studies, colonial history, and paleography among others, and further our mission of preserving and disseminating our historical documents.